What sets us apart from our competition?

1. Our experience

We have more than 20 years’ experience in certification and testing. We are intimately familiar with all specific certification standards and the most up-to-date testing protocols, and we keep current on all the latest product rollouts.

2. Our expertise

We specialize in biological containment control and cleanroom facilities for pharmaceutical companies, biomedical research and hospital laboratories, universities and colleges, electronics/hi-tech/semiconductor manufacturers, nuclear facilities and medical device industries and many more. H.E.P.A. Filter Services Inc. also provides complete commissioning of Level 3 Containment (BSL3) facilities.

3. Our highly-trained technicians

We have upwards of 20 experienced technicians, many with over 20 years’ experience. You’d be hard-pressed to find that many technical specialists in one single company. All our technicians use dependable, calibrated test equipment and all testing is performed in accordance with the strictest international standards and procedures. Our certification equipment is calibrated annually, or more frequently to meet our client’s specific practices. This ensures that all test results are accurate and to specifications.

4. Our technicians’ manufacturer training

Another huge benefit is that our technicians are manufacturer trained – so they know our products inside-out and more importantly, are familiar with the intricacies of how they operate. They receive training from industry-leading companies such as NuAire (since the early 1970s, a manufacturer of Biological Safety Cabinets, Laminar Airflow Hoods, CO2 Incubators, Lab Equipment, Ultralow Freezers and more), now recognized as the world leader in Class II Biological Safety Cabinets; Forma (a respected bio-tech equipment manufacturer and industrial design firm specializing in medical and life-science products.) and Design Filtration Inc. (a leading manufacturer or Laminar Flow Cabinets, Ductless Fume Hoods, H.E.P.A. Filters, Robotic Enclosures, Cleanrooms and more).

5. Our faster turnover times

Because we have some 20 experienced technicians, we are able to dispatch teams of staffers – rather than individuals – to service our clients quickly and cost-efficiently. We fully realize that, with many companies, reducing downtime is a critical factor when it comes to maintaining safety and keeping costs low. Therefore, our project turnover time is one of the lowest in the industry – allowing our customers to resume business much sooner. Bottom line: We can offer service 24/7.

6. Our huge inventory

We have one of the industry’s largest stocks of the latest H.E.P.A. Filters and quality replacement parts for all makes and models of H.E.P.A.-Filtered Cabinets and other applications.

7. Our Canada-wide service

With offices in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and London, and affiliations in both Eastern and Western Canada, H.E.P.A. Filter Services is able to serve clients from coast to coast.

8. Our consulting services

We provide consulting services for clients who are improving, upgrading, retrofitting, moving or altering any facet of their cleanrooms or laboratories. Engineering services are also available (for Level 3 containment).

9. Our In-house Seminars

We offer Mechanical HVAC In-House Seminars for use and selection of Biological Safety Cabinets as well as helpful, informative seminars outlining the basics of Cleanroom Design and Certification.