Isolation Rooms

Isolation Rooms are primarily used in hospitals and other healthcare facilities to help prevent the spread of infectious agents (from infected patients) to others. Standard isolation room construction and practices can help prevent the spread to other parts of the facility. The use of HEPA filtration in the exhaust from these contaminated spaces is almost always used in properly designed Isolation Rooms.

HEPA filters required integrity testing to be performed as per CSA Z317.2-10 to ensure that they are not exceeding the .01% penetration allowable. In addition to this testing it is important to ensure that the proper number of air changes are being provided to the room and that the differential pressures to adjacent rooms are being monitored and are within proper range.

HEPA Filter Services Inc can perform this testing and verification and will provide a complete certification report in order that health and safety guidelines are being met.

All Isolation Rooms we certify are tested in accordance with CAS Standards.