Level 3 Laboratories

There has been a growing number of CL3 Containment labs being built across Canada designed to allow for the handling of infectious material in a safe and secure manner. Laboratory personnel can minimize the risks associated with these infectious biological material and toxins through the application of appropriate biosafety and bio-containment principles and practices.

PHAC and CFIA have worked together to harmonize and the existing biosafety standards and guidelines pertaining to work with human and or terrestrial animal pathogens and toxins. Included in these standards and guidelines are testing procedures that are to be performed to ensure that the facility containing this work is meeting regulatory control.

HEPA Filter Services Inc has over 20 years of experience providing certification of CL3 facilities across Canada. Our involvement as a subcommittee member in the development of the new Canadian Biosafety Standards and Guidelines has given us a comprehensive understanding of what testing is required to ensure that your CL3 facility meets all of the regulatory requirements.

All Level 3 Laboratories we certify are tested in accordance with Health Canada and CFIA Guidelines.