Our History

H.E.P.A. Filter Services Inc.

Head office: #4-124 Connie Cres. Concord, Ontario. 905-669-1991: 1-800-669-0037

HEPA Filter Services Inc. was founded in 1980 to provide service to the Hospital, Laboratory and Pharmaceutical industry nationwide.

As a pioneer in the testing and certification of HEPA filtered systems, HEPA Filter Services Inc provided service from coast to coast.

As a privately owned company, independent from filter and cabinet manufacturers, HEPA has carried out certification work for many private and public facilities.

Working directly with the various lab managers, certification programs were set in place. Biological Safety Cabinets, Laminar Flow Hoods and Chemical Fume Hoods were put on annual and sometimes semi-annual testing schedules. Equipment that was never considered to need servicing was now being tested and certified and potential hazards avoided.

HEPA Filter Services Inc became involved in the commissioning and annual certification of Level 3 Laboratories. Our involvement from the design phase allowed us to contribute to the positioning of safety equipment as well as ensuring that exhaust filtration was properly situated so certification procedures could be carried out without complication.

Pharmaceutical Companies require that testing and certification be carried out in their Aseptic and non-aseptic Cleanrooms. HEPA Filter Services Inc has been providing this service in accordance with GMP and adhering to the IEST Standards that would govern all the test procedures.

Testing in both the Generic and Multinational Pharmaceutical Industry has progressed over the years. Standards have advanced and the testing and certification industry has risen to meet the challenges that each new standard brings. HEPA Filter Services Inc became NEBB Certified for Cleanroom Certification in 1995.

HEPA Filter Services Inc is a member in good standing with several industry organizations, which has, allows us to remain current on all industry issues.

Presently we are members of the Parenteral Drug Association, Controlled Environmental Testing Assoc, ABSA and ABSA Canada, as well as a member of ICS, which allows us to bid on contracts in both the USA and Canada.

In 1998 we expanded to open branch offices in Ottawa, Montreal and London and Vancouver in 2005. We have been servicing these areas of the country for many years and have continued to enjoy a good working relationship with our customers in these parts of the country.

In 2001 Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency took on the large task of rewriting the Laboratory Biosafety Guidelines. HEPA Filter Services Inc was asked to participate as a contributor in the area of HEPA filtration and Biological Safety Equipment. We worked closely with the Canadian Government in putting together information that would update the current regulations and give the industry competent direction.

In 2011 CFIA and PHAC began the task of developing and harmonized national standard for biosafety and biosecurity requirements and HEPA Filter Services Inc was privileged to be a participant once again as a committee member.

Presently we have over 2000 customers nationwide and employee 35 personnel. Our service technicians are NSF Accredited for field certification of Biological Safety Cabinets. Our involvement in NSF requires us to maintain a calibration program for all of the test equipment that we use daily in our testing and certification.

We have included in this letter of introduction a short list of some of the facilities that we are presently servicing.

Glaxo Smith Kline McGill University
University of Western Ontario Health Canada
University of British Columbia Montreal General Research
University Health Network Novopharm Ltd
Terry Fox Cancer Center McMaster University
Abbottsford General Hospital BC Center for Disease Control
Apotex Inc University of Ottawa
Victoria General Hospital University of Toronto
Mount Sinai Hospital St Michaels Hospital / Research
Agriculture/Agri Foods Canada RCMP
BC Cancer Research Children's Hospital of Eastern Canada

I trust this brief biography of HEPA Filter Services Inc has been successful in introducing us to you and if there are any questions please contact us at your convenience. We look forward to being of service to you.

H.E.P.A. Filter Services Inc.
Bruce C Peat, President