Chemical Fume Hoods

A Laboratory Fume Hood is a ventilated enclosure that when connected to a properly designed laboratory ventilation system will carry undesirable effluents (generated within the enclosure during a laboratory procedure) away from laboratory personnel. The face opening is equipped with a sash and will have a profiled entry and usually and airfoil designed to sweep and reduce reverse airflows on the lower surface.

Fume Hoods are found in almost all labs working with various chemicals. Testing is performed to several standards depending on the facility.

The standards that presently fume hoods are tested to are: CSA Z316.5-04, SEFA 1-2002, ASHRAE 110, and R52. There are also a number of government standards that are used for testing procedures in many of the Canadian Government Facilities.

Testing is performed upon initial installation, annually and if relocated.

Testing includes the following:

HEPA Filter Services Inc can perform testing to whatever standard governs your facility.

Our Chemical Fume Hoods we certify are tested in accordance with ASHRAE 110, SEFA and CSA standards.