Pharmaceutical Compounding Rooms

Pharmacy Compounding Rooms are found in both a Hospital setting as well as Retail Pharmacy Facilities. These rooms are used in the Compounding of Sterile Preparations (CSP's) and have been designed to provide a sterile work environment to reduce and prevent harm to patients from contamination to the sterile preparations.

Proper Compounding Rooms including Ante Rooms, HEPA Filtered Isolators, Laminar Flow Clean Benches and room pressure controls need to be certified every 6 months in accordance with USP 797 regulations.

Not only does HEPA Filter Services provide certification of these facilities but we also have design and build qualifications. Sometimes a facility can accommodate a standalone Compounding Room and sometimes a facility needs to use existing space and have it retrofitted to meet the USP 797 Standard.

HEPA Filters Services is the first company in Canada to have Technicians CETA (Controlled Environmental Testing Agencies) Certified to perform certification of Sterile Compounding Facilities.

HEPA Filter Services can provide complete certification of you Compounding Room and can also assist in the design, fabrication and building of your cleanroom.