Cleanrooms are used for various manufacturing and diagnostic purposes. When we refer to a Cleanroom it is a room in which the air supply, air distribution, filtration of air supply, materials of construction, pressure gradients, and operating procedures are regulated to control airborne particle concentrations.

Most Cleanrooms are designed to meet an established air cleanliness level as defined by ISO 14644-1.

Testing of Cleanrooms is performed at "as –built conditions", "at-rest conditions" and under "operational conditions. Testing s performed in accordance with IEST-RP-CC-006.3 and non-viable particle counts are taken in accordance with ISO 14644-1

HEPA Filter Services Inc is NEBB Certified for Cleanroom certification.

Testing includes the following:

The choice of tests may be based in part on factors such as design of the cleanroom or clean zone its operational status and the required level of air cleanliness.

HEPA Filter Services Inc will perform all required tests followed with a fully documented report including all test equipment calibration certificates.

All Cleanrooms we certify are tested in accordance with IES-RP-CC-006.3 and ISO 14644-1 Standards.